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Discover Cross Creek

August 6th, 2017

We understand that checking out a new church raises lots of questions. Will I fit in here? What do you believe? What's the vision and mission of the church?

At Discover Cross Creek, we address these questions and are available to answer any other question you might have. You'll meet the church leadership and staff and hear about our mission and ministries. This is also the first step in our church membership process.

Lunch will be provided, and childcare is available upon request.


Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Game

August 8th, 2017


"Silent Movie Night (Shhhh....)The Jumbo Shrimp are proud to partner with Norman Studios for Silent Movie Night. The whole game will be done silent-movie style, with no PA announcements, no audible cheering and a black & white video board. Fans will be encouraged to use hand signals to cheer, as silence is the theme of the night!"